Selling water by the river. That is what I do. Talking about an open secret, a secret that is no secret.

I talk with you about the present moment, about why and how we are here and now. I talk with you about what you can see and realize yourself. Sometimes it is helpful to look in the mirror, to realize what you are doing, how you are looking. I am that mirror. That is what I do, no less, no more.

If you are looking for peace of mind, the meaning in your life, happiness, if you are on a spiritual quest … , you will probably not find what you are looking for. But instead you might find yourself and find out that that is the answer.

“Do not seek, you are already there”

Just clean your mirror, remove ignorance! Look and see. Real liberation is to see Reality as it is. There is no need to follow a teacher or guru, no need to identify with any teaching or religion! If you would do that you would only be conditioned and bound. Seeing Reality – Self-Realization – is a pathless path.
Everybody has equal access to Reality. You do not need to use any method. Just look and see. Your inner light will show you. The water in the river can be consumed by everybody.

This site is to offer you help. You can read my essays and raise questions. You can also ask me to give consultation, lectures and workshops. You are welcome to contact me by e-mail as well.