About Peter Rama

Peter Rama offers nondual consultation and teachings. Nondual meaning transcending dualistic extremes such as for instance good and evil. Striving for good as an ideal is like trying to get rid of left by continuously turning right, and then just circling around and getting nowhere.

Peter helps you to realise freedom and peace in your life, by showing you how to be aware, liberate yourself from conditioning, and see your true nature. Peter’s approach has been compared to a mixture of Zen, Tao and Advaita. Basically it comes down to self-enquiry, looking into yourself. Truth can only be found in yourself. Self-enquiry is universal and neutral, that is, not bound to any method, spiritual practice or religion.

Self-enquiry is philosophy based on your own experience. It is not grounded on concepts and insights as formulated by others. Building on concepts and on evidence would be exclusive. Words create an illusory reality. Real philosophy is non-conventional, ‘non-sense’. Just like some people resist any image of God, I resist any image and any concept of thinking that leads to identification and to bondage. You are not what you are thinking, you are not your feelings, you are not your body.

Any effort to reach awareness and liberation will make you dependent on a method, will lead to further conditioning and create an addicted mind. Truth can only be found in yourself, you are already there, finding it is effortless:

“Truth is a pathless land”

Peter has a background in chemistry, physics, and holds a PhD in materials technology. He also studied depth psychology and philosophy. Since his youth Peter has been inspired by Sri Ramana Maharshi and by Jiddu Krishnamurti and as a result has explored self-enquiry. Since several years he is active as a spiritual and philosophical mentor.

Peter (born 1953) is living in the Netherlands, and is also working  as a consultant in a business environment. He is married and has three children.