Unconditioned Awareness
© 2010 by Peter Rama

“Be a light to yourself in a world which is getting dark.”

This book is about self-enquiry, about self-reflection. Asking questions such as: ‘Who am I, why am I here?’ In a state of awareness it is easier to reflect on these fundamental questions and acquire full knowing of the reality of our nature.

Awareness is a condition of mind in which we observe without judgment, without condemnation, without identification. It is observation by our ‘mind’s eye’ without inherent conditioning.

Awareness is not a mind condition to be cultivated or trained. It is a state of being. Being aware enables us to transcend our conditioned, verbalizing mind. It can be described as a state of ’passive alertness’ with complete freedom. When aware we realize that our ordinary state of mind is separating parts of reality by conceptualizing them, that it is time-bound and different from what ’is’. In the state of awareness the mind is silent – not that there are no thoughts, they are always present, but they are not interfering, not disturbing. In other words: the observing mind then transcends the ‘ego’ part, the conditioned part, of the mind. Actually it is the total mind which is at work. During constant awareness we reach ultimate self-knowledge.

The book “Unconditioned Awareness” presents a number of interrelated themes and categories which all underline the title “Unconditioned Awareness – Truth is a pathless land” Reading the book is a journey to inspiring words of ages. It is for those who wish to go their own path without following any authority, in religious nor in spiritual matters. Reading the book helps you to retrieve the state of an observer with non-judgmental attention and awareness. A state of complete freedom which brings you back to your Source.

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“Seeing through the eyes of God”

© 2013 by Peter Rama

This book relates about Peter’s discoveries during his journeys of self-inquiry. A short excerpt:

The most important discovery probably is that you can see for yourself that you are not what you are thinking: you are not your thoughts, your feelings and your emotions. Then it is not needed to identify with them! This leads to the principal conclusion that we are all intrinsically free from the influences of our mind/body. This key to freedom is also the key to end all suffering. It is not YOU who is suffering, you are just perceiving suffering, but need not to identify with it.

Also it is a fundamental discovery that we share the ultimate reality, which is our Consciousness, with all living beings. This shared Consciousness is what we really are, it is our Self, our authentic core. It is the observer which perceives, it is the ‘eye of God’.

Hermes Trismegistus (or Thoth) – in his book ‘Poimandres’ – says: “the luminous Word, that emanates from the Spirit, is the Son of God. What is seeing and hearing in you is the Word of God, and your self is (as it were) God the Father. For they are one, and their unity is Life”.

The Spirit in this saying is the Consciousness that we are sharing with each other. It is the transpersonal unity with God.

When we perceive, we, as observer, are one with the observed.

However, we have learnt since early childhood to associate everything which we perceive with a word (or a concept). This categorizing is a powerful source of conditioning: it often prevents us to see reality as it is, and it causes separation between subject (the one who is observing) and object. The world, even the universe in which we think we are living, is only in our consciousness.

The book gives a number of exercises which assist you to be aware of this, and to realize ‘pure perception’ (which is without association with words). Both self-inquiry, yoga exercises and Zen drawing are recommended.

Pure, unconditioned awareness and perception is the basic mode of dialogue – as David Bohm already taught us. A number of dialogue examples and applications are given in the book.

The last chapter focuses on what self-inquiry (and the consequent seeing of Reality as it is) would mean for mankind: an inner revolution leading to realizing everlasting love and peace and eternal happiness!


The eye with which I see God

Is the same eye with which God sees me.

My eye and God’s eye are one eye,

One seeing, one knowing, one love

(Meister Eckhart)

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